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Vapr's Boring World

7 February 1982
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I thought i would update this little bio. Now that I have had 20 years on this earth, things are beginning to seem a little hellbent. I've been through two failed relationships, and I currently have feelings for someone at the moment. But i'm just as confused about them as the next person. Okay, that's it.

Vapr 5/2/02

Make that three failed relationships. 12/5/02

I guess it's time I actually update this part, since it's been the better part of two years since i've done anything to this field. Well, now that I think about it, I have nothing really new to put here. Except that I am now a crew person at a leading fast food chain. I get (explicitive deleted) pay but oh well (I intentionally deleted that.) I have been on several roadtrips, I have gotten tnto geocaching recently. And that alone has prevented me from going insane from my current job.


Well maybe not stupid pay anymore, but I still have the same job. And well, make that 4 failed relationships now.