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I know i know, it has been a long time.

But I just felt as if I needed to update now.

I've had a job now since September 9th. It's not much of a job, it's at McDonalds of all places. Now i know i've said to many friends before that I would avoid working fast food like the plague. But, I gave it second thought. And at my age, with no job experience, those are about the only places that would even attempt to hire me o_o. Oh well.

First day started out a bit shaky. I arrived there at 7am. Was quite a bit nervous. The manager put me there on hash browns and showed me how to do that. I start getting a bit confident, and everything that day goes pretty fine. I also clean the lobby a bit too. I am there till 10am. Second day (*gets called away to the phone, 10 minutes later*) Okay, second day, the first day I do fries. I am a little slow at first, but I eventually get my speed up. I still do cleaning tasks occasionally. Third and Fourth days are pretty much the same. Fifth day, the first day i finally do the grill. I do hamburgers, grilled steak. And also do the rest of the stuff they fry like crispy schicken and spicy chicken, fish filets, mcnuggets, that sort of thing. The only problem is judging when you have to make more and when you don't. The rest of the days constituterd a few new things, like grilling breakfast, biscuits, apple pies, etc.

And here i sit, with my second day off. I got 5 more hours tommorow then get Monday off.

Anyway, this concludes the ol update. I am working on getting another provider for my website too. So my outdoors page of stuff should be back online eventually.
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