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I know

First real post in a long long time. And I will try to make it worth reading. Since I know most of you have probably forgotten about my sheer existence. But oh well, I won't blame you if I had.

Girls, girls, girls. No this isn't the intro to some cheap porn flick, it's just a summary of my current life, or lack thereof. And the way to take that is, my lack of any sort of love life whatsoever. It may be amazing that I am 22 and am still quite a virgin-that fact I am quite proud of. It isn't exactly easy at times, especially when I hear everyone around me has had some sort of experience in the field and whatnot. But that, coupled with the fact that I haven't been on one date at all, period, is what takes the cake. I mean, look at me, look at how old I am. Can't you see how annoyed at this I would be. I ain't getting any younger. But I guess I'm still young anyway. Of course, at this rate, I don't expect to ever find anyone. Well, I have had girlfriends, but they have been online and whatnot. There's a couple of them I would like to forget sometimes. But there's a couple that I wish to God would have worked out.

Maybe I just expect too much, you know. I know it isn't gonna come out and just bite me on the hand. I'm gonna have to go out and search for someone if I ever hope to find anyone. I mean, that's what the male of the population is expected to do. There are alot of things shyness wise that I have broken out of. But that is one thing i can't really break away from. It's like it's the largest barrier, the one that will probably take everything i can muster up to break through. But so far, I just cann't find the courage to. But that's all the ranting I will do with this.

In that case, My life royally sucks in that realm. In most everything else, it is quite good....for the most part anyway.

Next, there's work. Work has been pretty good for the most part. Sure, a job at the golden arches is not exactly a dream job, but it pays the bills. And to be frank, it's the only thing i am willing to do right now. Cause i know wherever else I go, i am bound to get sucky ass hours and not as much money, believe it or not. The way it is right now. I get 40+ hours a week as it is. Which i consider myself lucky.

There's one downside though. I seem to have less and less free time. And I usually feel physically drained after it is all over. More and more frequently I have been going straight to bed after work. Sleeping 8-11 hours, and still feeling tired when i get up. God it's a sucky existence in that aspect. But it's good on the days off.

Oh, and did I mention the $595 I have to pay back to the college. That sucks too.

Life isn't too peachy right now. About the only breaks from my daily hell come on my days off. Of which the three days I've had off are coming to a close in less than 12 hours. Then it's 5 days of straight working my ass off again. Oh well. My existence is like that for now.

Such as my life. But that's life. Who said life would ever be good....
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