Yomi-kun (vapr) wrote,

Yomimobile anyone

I know, i rarely ever update this thing anymore. But hell, once in awhile I have to post something useless you know.

1. What is the make and model of the car you usually drive?:
1995 Chevrolet S-10 V6 (You can laugh now)

2. Does your vehicle have a name?:
I call it the Yomimobile

3. Do you know about how many miles your car has on it?:
111,300 or thereabouts

4. What color is your car?
Cherry red/grey interior

5. When was the last time you cleaned your car?
Sometime in January.

6. How dirty do you let your car get before you clean it?:
To the pointwhere the passenger seat is not even useable anymore. I rarely ever haul people around in it so yeah.

7. How fast can your car go?:
I've gotten it to 101 before. at least that is what my GPS said. And that was going down a hill.

8. How many can your car hold?:
Two...maybe three if the center person does not mind being goosed by the gear shifter.

9. How long have you had your car?:
Since February 2003

10. Does your car have any weird habits?:
It gripes sometimes about going into reverse. Once in awhile the panel vents will come on because the dial is loose.

11. Does your car have a CD player?:
A 6 year old Alpine CD player. Decent speakers, i just need to get an amp and sub put in it to really make it sound good again.

12. If it does, what CD is in it now?:
The second half the the Ragnarok Online soundtrack, i believe.

13. About how many miles do you get per gallon?:
18-21 in town, 24-26 on the highway. Which is unbelievable with how many miles it has on it. I can make it from here to Atlanta, and drive back out of Georgia again before having to fill back up (About 430 miles in other words...18 gallon tank)

-----------Driving Skill----------

1. How long have you had your license?
6 years

2. Do you always do the speed limit?
I do 5 over most of the time

3. Can you parallel park?:
No. Do not ever attempt to make me parallel park...ever o.o

4. Ever been pulled over?:
I have a clean driving record *knock on wood*

5. Do you drive and talk on the phone at the same time?:
Once in a blue moon. As a rule i don't.

6. Do you drive without using signals?:
Once in awhile i will forget to signal, but rarely.

8. Do you like highway driving?:
I used to when gas was cheaper. But now days my random roadtrips are no more.

9. Do you drive any other vehicles?:


1. About how much money have you spent on your cars?
Probably upwards of $2000, including the $1000 clutch.

2. What color is the interior of your car?:

3. Does anything live in your car?:
Not really, unless you count my FM transmitter and iPod.

4. Is there a bunch of stuff in your trunk?:
In my truck bed. nothing right now.

5. Do you ever crazy dance in your car?:
Nope o.o

6. Have you ever made out in your car?:
Heh heh heh, i douby you could with such limited space

7. Have you ever given someone a ride after you just met them?
On a couple of occasions, yes

8. How can people recognize your car from others like it?
Not really, other than the fact the back sliding window is missing its handle, and my special Save the Florida Panther license plate.
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